Alpenglow is open to post-surgical orthopedic patients, by referral only. To become a resident, the patient must be otherwise healthy, and NOT have significant heart disease, insulin dependent diabetes, or a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 40, as individuals with these conditions are best suited recovering in a hospital setting.
Meals are served in the dining area and residents are encouraged to eat there. If this is not possible, we will assist you as needed.
We will work with our caterer and do our best to meet your dietary needs. If you have specific concerns, please discuss this with our staff.
We are proud to work with OPA physical and occupational therapists to get you started on the road to recovery. OPA provides only your initial therapy during your stay at Alpenglow. You are welcome to continue your therapy with OPA or the therapist of your choice — and we'll work closely with yours to ensure continuity.
Typically residents stay overnight, although some may stay two or up to four nights, based on physician directives, with discharge at noon.
Most private insurances will cover your stay and it will be part of your surgery estimate. Unfortunately, Medicare and Medicaid do not currently cover (lower-cost, higher quality) services in facilities like Alpenglow. (But they’re working on it.) Be sure to verify your coverage with your insurance carrier.
Both are pro-active educational programs designed to prepare you for your surgical experience and help you achieve a faster, more successful recovery following joint replacement or spine surgery. Learn more here.